• Bring Greenery, Save Life

  • Bring Greenery, Save Life

About Us

Dear friends, nowadays in this type of fast-moving life man has got very busy, he is earning but there will not be safe tomorrow for spending money due to the main reason for pollution. This pollution will only be controlled when more over the tree will plant. We are destroying the forest due to the high population. We cannot stop the growth factor of the population that is why we will have to increase the plantation.

friends, our organization named Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti is working for the environment to make free it from the pollution. Such as you know how our environment is being polluted and there are lots of poison gasses increasing in this which is very harmful to our life. We are unable to stop this whether we want to stop because somewhere we are responsible to support it. We are cutting the tree and destroying the forest for our daily needs.

Nasir Khan, Chairman

Hello Friend,

I am Nasir Khan 5th class pass out a horticulture contractor working for making the green environment, stopping the high pollution and by this hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti providing a job for poor people. I saw the waking people to wearing the mask in Delhi and that time I have decided for “Bring Greenery, Save Life” and from that day our whole team members strive to make the environment green and clean.

Now we are to start industry, the tree is the Oxygen's factory, so we have to increase the production of oxygen.

News And notification

  • Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit
    Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit will sprinkle the fruits seeds of the fruits and sprinkle them in the jungles by the helicopter. We will provide pure oxygen to the jungle and will provide food to the animals.
  • Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit
    Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit The Hariyya Laayi Seva Samiti collects seeds by the seed bank donation box, which is served at box school, college, masjid , temple, gurdwara, Buddhist-vihar, police station, offices etc.
  • Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit
    Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit pleads with you that you also help us with the protection of the country's environment and make the next person healthier and cheap.
  • Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit
    Harayali brought by the service committee, Katara Hills, Bhopal, organized by the committee in the forest of Jodhpur, will be planted by the children of Bijalabong High School children, police officers and local citizens, which will be led by National Committee President Mr. Nasser Khan, The committee will commence this great work on 8/7/1901 at 12:00 PM and at 1:00 pm Person will set up seed banks in this area, look brought Services Committee greenery approximate 4-5 lack By planting seeds will send the message of pure environment in the country whose fruits will be eaten for wild animals and human beings will get pure oxygen, the committee prompts you to join the seed planting program Thank you ...


Our organizations “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit” issue the certificate in the movement of your happiness to relate it with the environment. It’s certified that you are caring for the environment, The men cannot have the time for plantation and their care due to their busy schedule whether they want to do it, and due to this, our country environment is finishing. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti plat a tree with your contribution to the environment while any occasion in your family to balance the environment and care for it. So that the life cycle of your happiness can be long. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti uses the flowery plant and some special day of your life such as birthday, wedding anniversary, retirement, happiness of being a pass, promotion, getting the first salary, new year celebration, we provide the certificate while planting a tree of your name. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti requests you to please be a part of this stape and get the certificate for making the environment clean of your country. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit takes a very small amount for this work of rupees 100/- and by this small amount our organization make this step further and provide the job to poor people so that environment gets good and poor people to get jobs.

Our Work

Haryali laye sewa samiti

The press conference was held by the Hariyali Laya Seva Samiti, in which the committee chairman Nasir Khan and the committee workers were present, in this talk, the information of the seed bank was given, and the people of the country were motivated to plant saplings, and appealed to the committee to contribute. done

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit

Seed bank was established in Sanskar Valley School Bhopal by Hariyali Laya Sewa Samiti and school children were made aware of the seed bank, Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti also donated 500 plants to the school

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti

A step was taken for greening of the environment by planting seeds in the forest of Katara Hills Bhopal by the Hariyali Laaye Seva Samiti and Birla Bang School, in which 500 children and teachers of Birla Bang School came with the service committee for greenery and the seed set in the forest, the committee Has collected seeds through seed bank and school children donated seeds to the committee!

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti

Plant plantation was done by Sarpanch ji in Mandori village by Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti and villagers were made aware about the environment; Sarpanch ji requested the villagers to take care of trees and plants.

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti

The people who came to the temple of Mata Mandir gave seeds and books and junk donations to the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti and the committee could work continuously.

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti

The Seed Bank was set up by the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti in CBI Colony Bhopal; This colony was donated the seeds of the fruit to the excess quantity and the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti donated 200 basil plants to the Colony Wadows.


Seed Bank

There is one more contribution by “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti” which relates to our life and forest. Yes, friends, we are talking about the plantation. Friends, our organization who are striving to “Bring Greenery, Save Life” this organization till now we're providing a plant for Madhukamani but now raising one more step this organization will use the seeds of used fruits by you and your family. Friends, whatever fruit you eat, you through their seeds, now there will be no wastage of seeds. We need your help, you can store and provide our organization that used fruit’s seeds so that we can give a shape that seeds into the plant and put into the forest, which will make the happy environment and provide fruits after some time being a tree. Because the time has come now that we take a swear that we have to plant a tree and make India green full to increase the respect in the world.

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