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Dear friends, nowadays in this type of fast-moving life man has got very busy, he is earning but there will not be safe tomorrow for spending money due to the main reason for pollution. This pollution will only be controlled when more over the tree will plant. We are destroying the forest due to the high population. We cannot stop the growth factor of the population that is why we will have to increase the plantation.

friends, our organization named Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti is working for the environment to make free it from the pollution. Such as you know how our environment is being polluted and there are lots of poison gasses increasing in this which is very harmful to our life. We are unable to stop this whether we want to stop because somewhere we are responsible to support it. We are cutting the tree and destroying the forest for our daily needs.

now is the time that we take this subject seriously so that our future generation and rest of life can be happy and healthy. Being happy and healthy we will have to plan more trees because the only tree can make the environment clean. Friends, in a single day normal person consume the oxygen by this three oxygen cylinder, can be filled. The one oxygen cylinder cost 700 rupees and like this, if we analyze that one person in one day gains oxygen for 2100 rupees and in a one year it cost 766500 rupees and if we suppose the average age of man is 65 years so on an average approx. 5cr rupees oxygen he consumes which is provided by tree absolutely free. If you want that this free oxygen always we gain as it so we have to save tree righter finish. Due to the increasing population, we are destroying the forest; we cannot stop the high population that is why we will have to increase the plantation.

Hence our organization “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti” who are working in this field you help to save a tree and increasing the greenery by donating us charity amount. Our organization donates the tree to all schools and college, hospitals, trusts, toilets, Industries, templates, police station, buildings etc.

Now we are to start industry, the tree is the Oxygen's factory, so we have to increase the production of oxygen.

Nasir Khan, Chairman

Hello Friends,

I am Nasir Khan 5th class pass out a horticulture contractor working for making the green environment, stopping the high pollution and by this hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti providing a job for poor people. I saw the waking people to wearing the mask in Delhi and that time I have decided for “Bring Greenery, Save Life” and from that day our whole team members strive to make the environment green and clean.

I was surviving with my family to take the small civil and horticulture projects. In January 2018, I went to Delhi with one of my friend for a new contract and there, I saw the people wearing a mask. When I asked them the reason then I got to know that they are doing this due to the high pollution over there. While coming from Delhi to Bhopal when I reached in my home near Danapani Road, I have decided that I have to do something for saving the environment. I have a land in Bharat Nagar vegetable farm, where I started to work on “Bring Greenery, save the country”. I started to collect the seeds of fruits and plants. I realized the little bit investment in this so I have borrowed the loan from the bank and spend on this work. We developed the “seed bank” where we have collected more than 60 types of different variety of seeds from the juice shops and door to door home. We gave a gift to nature more than around 30,000 plants in which approximately 20,000 plants were donated to the temple, mosque, gurudwara, government offices and hospitals. We started to reach more audience just to start this program and we motivated them for greenery. Now, there is the result of that great effort that by our organization plantation has been done more than the 100 of place and also we have been educated to the people for the environment and pollution. I strive to make the environment green with the quote of “Bring Greenery, Save the Country” and requesting you to please join us for making the environment better.

Our Team

Seed Bank

There is one more contribution by “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti” which relates to our life and forest. Yes, friends, we are talking about the plantation. Friends, our organization who are striving to “Bring Greenery, Save Life” this organization till now we're providing a plant for Madhukamani but now raising one more step this organization will use the seeds of used fruits by you and your family. Friends, whatever fruit you eat, you through their seeds, now there will be no wastage of seeds. We need your help, you can store and provide our organization that used fruit’s seeds so that we can give a shape that seeds into the plant and put into the forest, which will make the happy environment and provide fruits after some time being a tree. By this, the animal will get the food and they will not come to the nearby forming lands so that the forming will be safe because finishing the tree there is finishing food for animals also. The reason the birds and animals move into the farming lands. Friends, whatever fruits you eat such as mango, Beer, jackfruit, avalla, lemon, orange fish, guava, guava , amphitheater, tandu, ramphal, kabbit, morzali, beel, mecca, millet, jowar, kamarka, sugarcane, watermelon, melon, cucumber etc all these seeds you can provide our organization and can donate amount for helping us. Hence, we request you to be a member of this team and can contribute your part to save the environment and animals. Because the time has come now that we take a swear that we have to plant a tree and make India green full to increase the respect in the world.