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Help People

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti works for people of all sections of the environment and the environment whether it is rich or poor, because every person needs pure oxygen, due to this necessity, the service committee brought greenery to increase the amount of plants and trees Is working for this, so that every person can get help in getting pure oxygen, this committee also provides employment to the poor and unemployed people, so that these people can be nurtured and these people can also make their identity in the society, and read their children and move the country forward.

Labour Services

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti works for distribution of plant and plantation in public places such as: school, college, orphanage, old age home, police station, hospital, accessibility, toilets, colonies, roadside, factories, all religious places etc. The seeds in the box get the box for the bank, this committee creates awareness about the environment, and gives information about the significance of the tree plant, the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti imposes a donation box in all the places, from which it continues to work continuously with donation, and poor people continue to get employment.

Seeds Utilization

The Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti establishes the Seed Bank, which is used to collect the seeds of the fruit you have used, the seeds of the fruits (eaten) used by you have been dying in the waste till now, But now the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti collects the fruits of the fruits used by you, and by treating these seeds, they prepare the plants, which are suitable for seed jungle, we put them in the jungles. To increase the number of plants in the environment, and to improve the atmosphere, the service committee brings greenery to you, that you should give fruit seeds to this committee, donate fruits seeds and dry them in the sun and bring greenery to the donate to the service committee.

Provide plantation

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti, in order to fight pollution, in the environment, the tree is distributing free saplings in public places to increase the number of plants, the Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti also provides the plant to the farmers, this committee uses fruitful plants, which will give your life Green is useful in making.

Motivate To Plantation

Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti makes the place aware of the importance of tree pods by visiting place, which gives us an amount of 2100 rupees for free of oxygen in a single day, they have many other benefits, such as: the level of pollution By releasing the pure oxygen in the environment, we protect against many diseases, many types of medicines provide us, provide us many types of flowers, provide food to wild animals, it helps in rain water in natural ways, in which place the number of tree plants is higher, during that summer it will be less heat for about 2c This kind of information inspires people to plant trees.


Our organizations “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit” issue the certificate in the movement of your happiness to relate it with the environment. It’s certified that you are caring for the environment, The men cannot have the time for plantation and their care due to their busy schedule whether they want to do it, and due to this, our country environment is finishing. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti plat a tree with your contribution to the environment while any occasion in your family to balance the environment and care for it. So that the life cycle of your happiness can be long. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti uses the flowery plant and some special day of your life such as birthday, wedding anniversary, retirement, happiness of being a pass, promotion, getting the first salary, new year celebration, we provide the certificate while planting a tree of your name. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti requests you to please be a part of this stape and get the certificate for making the environment clean of your country. Hariyali Laye Sewa Samit takes a very small amount for this work of rupees 200/- and by this small amount our organization make this step further and provide the job to poor people so that environment gets good and poor people to get jobs. Now we are to start industry, the tree is the Oxygen's factory, so we have to increase the production of oxygen.

Seed Bank

There is one more contribution by “Hariyali Laye Sewa Samiti” which relates to our life and forest. Yes, friends, we are talking about the plantation. Friends, our organization who are striving to “Bring Greenery, Save Life” this organization till now we're providing a plant for Madhukamani but now raising one more step this organization will use the seeds of used fruits by you and your family. Friends, whatever fruit you eat, you through their seeds, now there will be no wastage of seeds. We need your help, you can store and provide our organization that used fruit’s seeds so that we can give a shape that seeds into the plant and put into the forest, which will make the happy environment and provide fruits after some time being a tree. By this, the animal will get the food and they will not come to the nearby forming lands so that the forming will be safe because finishing the tree there is finishing food for animals also. The reason the birds and animals move into the farming lands. Friends, whatever fruits you eat such as mango, Beer, jackfruit, avalla, lemon, orange fish, guava, guava , amphitheater, tandu, ramphal, kabbit, morzali, beel, mecca, millet, jowar, kamarka, sugarcane, watermelon, melon, cucumber etc all these seeds you can provide our organization and can donate amount for helping us. Hence, we request you to be a member of this team and can contribute your part to save the environment and animals. Because the time has come now that we take a swear that we have to plant a tree and make India green full to increase the respect in the world.